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The Little Red Hen

Once upon a time, in a quaint farmyard, there lived a diligent Little Red Hen. The story of “The Little Red Hen” begins when she discovers a few grains of wheat and decides to plant them to yield a bountiful harvest. Excited about the prospect of freshly baked bread, she seeks help from her fellow farmyard animals – a lazy cat, a carefree dog, and a talkative duck.

The Little Red Hen, optimistic and industrious, asks each of her friends if they would be willing to contribute to the process. She inquires about who will help her plant the seeds, tend to the growing wheat, harvest the crop, and ultimately bake the bread. However, at each stage, her companions dismiss her requests, citing various excuses and claiming they have more enjoyable activities to pursue.

Undeterred, the Little Red Hen perseveres and accomplishes each task herself, from planting the seeds to harvesting the ripe wheat. Along the way, she teaches a valuable lesson about the importance of hard work, responsibility, and cooperation. When the time comes to enjoy the freshly baked bread, her erstwhile companions are quick to express their eagerness to partake in the feast. Yet, the Little Red Hen, having borne the burden alone, rightfully insists that only those who contributed to the process should share in the reward.

“The Little Red Hen” is a timeless fable that imparts a moral lesson about the virtues of hard work, self-reliance, and the consequences of neglecting responsibilities. The story serves as a simple yet powerful allegory, encouraging readers, both young and old, to appreciate the value of diligence and collaboration.

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Mga Kwentong Bayan
Mga Kwentong Bayan