Goodnight Moon

“Goodnight Moon” is a beloved children’s book written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd. First published in 1947, the story follows a young rabbit as he bids goodnight to everything around him before drifting off to sleep. Here’s the full story:

In a cozy and quiet room, a little bunny is tucked in bed, ready to go to sleep. As the moonlight streams through the window, the bunny notices all the things around him. To each object, he lovingly says, “Goodnight moon.”

The bunny starts with the room itself, saying goodnight to the green walls and the quiet old lady whispering “hush.” He continues by saying goodnight to a red balloon, a picture of three little bears sitting on chairs, and a toy house.

Next, the bunny says goodnight to the kittens, the mittens, and the socks hung by the fireplace. He then greets the old lady knitting and the young mouse in his tiny house.

The bunny turns his attention to the clocks, saying goodnight to the ticking clock and the moonlight pouring in. He bids goodnight to the quiet old lady again and the noises outside, like the noises of a quieting cow and a sleepy mouse.

The bunny extends his goodnights to a quieting comb, a quieting brush, and the quiet old lady whispering “hush” once more.

As the bunny continues to say goodnight to everything around him, the illustrations gradually darken to match the fading light. The room becomes cozier and more peaceful as the bunny’s bedtime routine progresses.

Finally, the little bunny says goodnight to the stars and the air, before whispering “hush” to himself and drifting off to sleep.

The story ends with the words, “Goodnight noises everywhere,” capturing the serenity of the sleeping world around the little bunny.

“Goodnight Moon” is a gentle and comforting bedtime story that has captured the hearts of young readers for generations. Its rhythmic and repetitive text, combined with the soothing illustrations, create a calming and delightful experience for children as they prepare for sleep. The book has become a cherished classic, treasured by both children and their parents as a perfect way to end the day with sweet dreams.

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