Mga Kwentong Bayan

Our Lady’s Little Glass

Once upon a time a waggoner’s cart which was heavily laden with wine had stuck so fast that in
spite of all that he could do, he could not get it to move again. Then it chanced that Our Lady
just happened to come by that way, and when she perceived the poor man’s distress, she said to
him, “I am tired and thirsty, give me a glass of wine, and I will set thy cart free for thee.”
“Willingly,” answered the waggoner, “but I have no glass in which I can give thee the wine.”
Then Our Lady plucked a little white flower with red stripes, called field bindweed, which looks
very like a glass, and gave it to the waggoner. He filled it with wine, and then Our Lady drank it,
and in the self-same instant the cart was set free, and the waggoner could drive onwards. The
little flower is still always called Our Lady’s Little Glass.

From Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Household Tales, trans. Margaret Hunt
(London: George Bell, 1884), 2:369.

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Mga Kwentong Bayan
Mga Kwentong Bayan