10 Most Popular Legends in the Philippines

10 Most Popular Legends in the Philippines

Some of the ancient people in the Philippines believe that the legends are real while others say they are just fiction.

It is also because of the translators that in different generations the legends can no longer know or trace the original creator or author of them.

However, each legend is a collection of lessons so it continues to be told and studied in schools.

Here and let’s read some of the most famous examples of folklore in the Philippines.

Ang Alamat ng Saging (The Legend of banana)

Among her suitors, Juana chose a young man with brawny arms and fingers to be her fiancé. But one of her spurned suitors became envious and made a drastic move — the reason why the banana came about.

Ang Alamat ng Kasoy (The Legend of the Cashew Nut)

The Legend of the Cashew Nut … Long time ago in a very far away forest there is a small seed inside the cashew fruit who always wonder about the world outside.

Alamat ng Pinya (The Legend of the Pineapple)

Once upon a time, there was a woman who lived with her daughter Pina in a tiny hut in the village. They were poor, and the mother worked day and night to make

Alamat ng Durian (The Legend of Name Durian)

In a place somewhere in Mindanao there once an old woman lived name old During. She was living at the foot of the mountain where her house was situated at the middle of huge growing trees.

Alamat ng Bawang (The Legend of the Garlic)

In the beginning of time, there was a barangay in the north where unexplained disappearances of harvests always happened.

Alamat ng Pakwan (The Legend of Watermelon)

Legend of Watermelon. Poor young John. He was orphaned by his father and mother. He lives with his aunt and uncle. Naughty, lazy, and wicked

Alamat ng Lansones (The Legend of Lanzones)

The people prayed deeply for the drought to pass so that they could start planting and harvesting again since their food stores were already running out.

Alamat ng Bayabas (The Legend of Guava)

The story goes like this: A long time ago, there’s a king who ruled a rich, prosperous island. He had all the things a king could ever ask for: the power, the wealth, and all the delicious foods one could only imagine.

Alamat ng Gagamba (The Legend of Spider)

There was the most skillful weaver who lives in a town a long time ago. Her name was Gamba. Her skill on weaving is popular in the whole town.

Alamat ng Sampalok (The Legend of Tamarind)

Legend. A giant sampaloc (Tamarindus indica or tamarind tree) once grew in the garden of a selfish, stingy old woman. One day, an old man begged for some tamarind fruit as a cure for his ailing grandson. Instead of helping him, the old woman set her ferocious dogs upon him to drive him away.


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