Fur and Feathers

Once upon a time, a farmer owned a hen who laid an egg every day. The farmer was content with the hen’s productivity until he learned about the magic powers of a nearby witch. The witch could transform herself into any shape she desired, and she had her eye on the farmer’s hen.

One day, when the farmer was away, the witch transformed into a hen and entered the henhouse. She tried to convince the real hen to exchange places with her, promising a wonderful adventure in the woods in return. The real hen, tempted by the prospect of adventure, agreed to the exchange.

The witch, now in the form of a hen, enjoyed the farmer’s care and the delicious food. She continued laying eggs, but instead of ordinary eggs, she laid golden eggs. The farmer was thrilled with the magical transformation of his hen’s productivity.

Meanwhile, the real hen found herself in the woods. She roamed the forest, frightened and bewildered, as animals of all kinds approached her. A squirrel and a rabbit, seeing her distress, offered her shelter and friendship. They provided her with food and kept her company.

One day, the hen witnessed a parade of animals led by the King of the Birds. The animals were presenting their finest traits to the king. The rabbit and the squirrel showcased their fur and their quick movements, respectively. The hen felt ashamed of her feathers, believing that she had nothing special to offer.

However, when it was the hen’s turn to present herself, she sang a beautiful song about her simple life and the value of being content. The king and all the animals were moved by her song, recognizing the significance of embracing one’s unique qualities.

The king praised the hen’s voice and declared her the winner of the parade. As a reward, he allowed her to choose one of the animals to live with her. The hen chose the squirrel, who would teach her how to climb trees.

The hen returned to the farmer’s yard with the squirrel, having learned the value of her feathers and the importance of contentment. She shared her story with the witch, who admitted her envy of the hen’s experience. The witch returned the hen’s true form, and the hen continued to lay eggs as before.

And so, the hen lived a contented life, appreciating her feathers and valuing her unique voice. The farmer learned that true value goes beyond material gains, and the hen’s story remained a reminder of the importance of being true to oneself.

This story, “Fur and Feathers,” delivers a moral lesson about the significance of embracing one’s individuality and appreciating what one has rather than seeking material possessions

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