Mga Kwentong Bayan


In the heart of sweltering India, nestled amidst lush gardens and bustling bungalows, a tiny mongoose named Rikki-tikki-Tavi found himself on an unexpected adventure. A raging monsoon had dislodged him from his burrow, sending him tumbling into a garden surrounding a bungalow inhabited by a British family.

Exhausted and lost, Rikki-tikki was rescued by a young boy named Teddy. Teddy’s kind family, particularly his mother, took pity on the shivering creature and nursed him back to health. Despite initial concerns from Teddy’s mother about a wild animal in the house, Teddy’s father reassured her, explaining that mongooses were excellent protectors against the dangers that lurked in the garden – snakes.

As Rikki-tikki recovered, his keen senses and restless spirit led him to explore the garden. He befriended Darzee, a tailorbird, and his wife, who were mourning the loss of their fledgling to a fearsome cobra named Nag. Rikki-tikki, fueled by a natural mongoose instinct and a newfound sense of loyalty to his human family, vowed to protect them from the dangers that slithered in the shadows.

His first encounter with Nag was a tense one. The arrogant cobra, sensing a threat in the tiny mongoose, tried to intimidate Rikki-tikki. But the young mongoose, fearless and quick, outsmarted Nag, driving him away from the bungalow. This initial victory established Rikki-tikki’s reputation as a protector. He earned the respect of the garden creatures, with Darzee and his wife becoming his closest allies, providing him with vital information about the snakes’ movements.

However, Nag wouldn’t be easily deterred. He returned, accompanied by his mate, Nagaina, a cunning and vengeful cobra. Their primary target: Teddy, the young boy who had unknowingly become Rikki-tikki’s friend. A thrilling chase ensued, with Rikki-tikki using his agility and knowledge of the bungalow to outwit the larger snakes. He outsmarted Nagaina, driving her away from Teddy’s room just in time, and even managed to wound Nag in a fierce battle.

Enraged and humiliated, Nagaina vowed revenge. She threatened Rikki-tikki, promising to strike back at the family he protected. True to her word, Nagaina slithered into the bathroom, intending to bite Teddy while he was using the bathtub. But Rikki-tikki, alerted by Darzee, arrived just in time. A final, epic battle unfolded within the confines of the bathroom.

Rikki-tikki, despite his small size, fought with a ferocity born out of love and loyalty. He used his cunning and agility to his advantage, dodging Nagaina’s strikes and landing his own. The battle raged until, in a final desperate lunge, Rikki-tikki managed to pin Nagaina down and deliver a fatal bite.

With Nag and Nagaina defeated, the garden was finally safe. Rikki-tikki, hailed as a hero by the human family and the garden creatures alike, chose to stay. He continued to protect his newfound home, a testament to the courage and loyalty that can reside even in the smallest of creatures.

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Mga Kwentong Bayan
Mga Kwentong Bayan